LENO - リノ LENO ーリノー 2015年夏、原宿の小さなマンションで誕生。 LENOのものづくりは、VINTAGEを元に製造時の歴史や背景を紐解くところから始まります。 生産の過程や素材の風合い、また、なぜそのようなデザインになったのか。 旧き良き要素を大切に残しつつ、いまも、これからも、「いつの時代でも着たい」ファッションに変化させて提案しています。 In the summer of 2015, LENO (líːnou) was launched in one small apartment room in Harajuku, Tokyo. Just two personnel. The designer who spend her teenage life in the United States, and the director who devoted most of his life for fashion industry. Their common interests are craftsmanship and vintage clothing. We all know that can not make old things new. But we can examine what is behind the vintage, study the history and by learning how it is made, we can evolve the “old style” to “in style”. That’s what we do. Inspired by good old things, and we will never stop making progress to produce what is wearable in your daily life.